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UNITI's Shared Office

Fixed workstation

A permanent office area for you to stop by during office hour allows you to remain focus in finishing your business matter.

Lockable Cabinet

A fixed workstation that comes with a lockable key dedicated for your own use to store all those important files that can be useful in time of need when having a special visits from your important clientele.

Company Signage

An office that comes with company name signage placement for you to showcase your work place to your potential clientele.

Virtual Office services

Office space rentals that comes with a complete virtual office services. No longer need to spend additional cost to acquire office services ie. mail handling, telephony services, etc.

Private Office



Often need to attend business meeting to Kuala Lumpur for business and need a work space as your stopover.

Budget friendly

Office workspace rental can be very high especially if it's located in Kuala Lumpur. Our shared office formed to fit with your budget and comes with special features.

UNITI's Shared Office

A workspace that fit with your need



Virtual Office


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